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Terms of Service

1. I/We confirm having read and understood (a) the contents mentioned in the website and hereby agree to be bound by the terms and conditions mentioned therein which governs the membership (b) agree to be bound by the amendments to the membership guidelines made from time to time and those relating to various services offered by Hastha Global Ventures.

2. I/We declare, confirm and agree (a) that all the particulars and information given in all documents referred or provided therewith are true, correct, complete and up to date in all respects (b) Undertake to provide any further information , updated KYC documents, that Hastha Global Ventures may require from time to time (c) To indemnify against fraud, loss or damage suffered by Hastha Global Ventures due to providing any incorrect information or failure to communicate any change in such particulars/information or provide true and updated documents .

3. I/We agree that Hastha Global Ventures reserve the right to reject any application without providing any reason.

4. I/We agree in case of family membership that both first applicant and joint applicants are authorized to deal with Hastha Global Ventures in their sole capacity in respect of various services/transactions.

5. I/We hereby authorize Hastha Global Ventures to exchange, share or part with all information/data provided herein with statutory bodies, in order to facilitate and comply with its obligations under various applicable laws, regulations and standards. I/We shall not hold Hastha Global Ventures or its agents/representatives liable for using/sharing information provided herein for the said purpose.

6. I/We agree to sign any agreement /s, document/s, to facilitate Hastha Global Ventures to work on the services sought for by me/us.

7. I/We agree to pay the applicable membership fee which may be subject to change periodically.

8. I/We agree to that the membership fees is not refundable.