Latest News

UAE Client Mantri Project

Feb 2017 - Completed refurbishment of the flat, followed by Rental project at Mantri Tranquil for our UAE Client. New clients enrolled from New Zealand, USA and Kuwait with new projects.

Completed Facility Management

Jan 2017 - We signed up a leading preschool as a tenant for one of our HNI client at Kadugodi,White field. Successfully completed Facility Management and Rental project for our US client's property at Banashankari.

HNI client Project

Dec 2016 - Real Estate project completed successfully for an HNI client at Chandra Layout / Rajarajeshwarinagar. Our HNI clients also subscribed to the LIC pension plan products offering attractive returns. 

Commercial property at Vijayanagar

Nov 2016 - First commercial property project at Vijayanagar, Bangalore was completed for our US client.

Prestige Palms

Nov 2016 - We completed the first project at Prestige Palms, Whitefield for our US client which involved facilities management services and renting the property. 

Janapriya Greenwoods

Oct 2016 - We completed Rental project for our Oman client in Bangalore.

We are now present in Mysore

Oct 2016 - We have now started offering our services at Mysore.

Banashankari and Rajarajeshwarinagar projects for our US clients

Sep 2016 - For our two US clients, we completed the Real Estate and Facility Management projects in quick succession.

2nd Anniversary celebration

Sep 2016 - Team Hastha were excited to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary in September 2016.

Mahalakshmi Layout, Bangalore Project

Aug 2016 - After working for more than 5 months, we brought to closure, Real estate project at Mahalakshmi Layout for our US client.

Hastha completes projects in Chennai

Aug 2016-Our Chennai Manager successfully completed his first few Facility and Real Estate Projects at Chennai for our Singapore based client.

New clients enrolled

July 2016-New clients enrolled from UAE, USA and Netherlands

Commercial property Rental project

June 2016-First commercial property Rental project at Kanakapura Road completed.

Real Estate project completed

May 2016-Real Estate project at Basaveshwarnagar completed successfully for our US based client.

Hastha in New Zealand

Hastha participated in Ugadi celebrations of New Zealand Kannada Koota on 9th April 2016 and received good response.

Real estate and facilities project

March 2016 - The real estate and facilities project was completed at Sahakarnagar for our US client.

Construction project

Feburary 2016 - We commenced our first construction project for a UAE client in Bangalore.

Two Real estate projects

January 2016 - Two Real estate projects at Eagleton Golf Village, Bidadi for an NRI and HNI  clients were closed sucessfully.

HNI client

December  2015 - Real estate project at Benson Town, Bangalore for an HNI client was brought to closure with extensive co-ordination.

Rajarajeshwarinagar UAE client

December  2015 - Completed Rental project at Krishna Garden, Rajarajeshwarinagar for a UAE based client.

Electronic city

November 2015 - Successfully completed Real estate project at Electronic city for a US based client.  

Elita Promenade and L&T South city

November 2015 Completed Facility management & Real estate projects at Elita Promenade and L&T South city, JP Nagar, Bangalore for NRI's successfully.


Prestige Shantiniketan

October 2015, PSN project related to High net worth client was brought to closure.

Shriram Symphonye

October 2015, Shriram Symphonye, Kanakapura Road Real estate project completed successfully.

Client from Sultanate of Oman

September 2015, We have enrolled our first client from Sultanate of Oman expanding our client base which is now spread across 9 countries.

 First Anniversary celebrations

 September 2015, After successful completion of one year, we started our First Anniversary celebrations on 1st September 2015 which will continue throughout the month

First client from Norway

August 2015, Our first client from Norway gave us the opportunity to deal with his Real Estate and Facilities Project at Prestige Shantiniketan in Whitefield

Financial services project

August 2015, New financial services project related to Mutual funds  and Shares (Transfer/Demat /Redemption) completed for our US client.

Dubai client

July 2015Successfully completed Real Estate Project for our Dubai client

Real Estate project

July 2015, Finalized Real Estate project at Brigade Meadows for a client from Delhi who was relocating to Bangalore.

Facilities management / Real Estate Project

July 2015, Completed Facilities management / Real Estate Project for our Madikeri client

Flat Re-Sale

June 2015 Our first Flat re-sale project was completed for a High net worth client in Mumbai

Cloud 9

June 2015 Our Villa project in Cloud 9 was successfully brought to closure

Our First Project in Chennai

June 2015 We closed two Real estate projects in Chennai for our NRI clients by establishing our footprint in Chennai.

TV crew

April 2015 Tv crew now set to show the Architectural beauty of Mylasandra Property belonging to our NRI Client in USA to the world in their forthcoming serial which was rented by Hastha

Prestige Shantiniketan

March 2015 We were able to complete yet another project at Prestige Shantiniketan Successfully

Sobha Lavender

March 2015 We successfully completed our Facility/Real Estate Project at outer ring road  -  Sobha Lavender, Bellandur.

Financial Services

January 2015 Our 1st Financial Services Consultation project was received with a good response.

Girinagar Project

January 2015, our Facilities & Real Estate Project was completed successfully at Girinagar, Bangalore.

Mumbai Project

December 2014, we successfully completed 1st Real estate project in Mumbai.

Prestige Shanthiniketan

December 2014, we successfully completed our 1st Real estate project at Prestige Shanthiniketan Whitefield, Bangalore.

Welcome to our 1st client from California

November 2014 we welcomed our 1st client from the Silicon Valley who provided an opportunity to handle more than three Real estate projects. Thank you and we look forward to your support in increasing our member base in USA.

Successfully Completed

November 2014 we successfully completed the Real estate/Facilities management project at Wilson garden, Bangalore for our client in UAE.

Service Providers

October 2014 We have associated with a list of service providers to offer professional and high quality services to our clients.

Welcome to our First Client from USA

October 2014 We were pleased to welcome our first client from USA (Greenville, South Carolina) on 9th October 2014. Thank you for signing up as a member.

First Member enrolled

September 2014 We were pleased to welcome our first client from Dubai, UAE who gave us the opportunity to kick start our first Facilities project and achieve success

A new beginning

On September 1st 2014, as part of the soft launch, we inaugurated Hastha Global Ventures and opened our plush office at Rajarajeshwarinagar, Bangalore.